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Dirty AC Motor

Owning an air conditioning system is much like your car. When you turn it on, you expect it to work. However, this may not always be the case. Many homeowners often forgo AC maintenance until they encounter a problem. These problems may arise from the neglect of regular routine AC maintenance. However, sometimes neglect can lead to complete system damage that may be permanent, which would require a complete system replacement.

What can a homeowner do to prevent potential problems? One of the most common ways to keep your system running properly and efficiently is to change out the air filter every 6 weeks. A filter serves as the first line of defense in keeping air pollutants out of your system. Whether you use disposable paper filters or an electrostatic filter, changing it frequently will help and improve the air quality in your home. Another potential problem often encountered by homeowners are clogged drain lines. Often times these blockages that exist in the drain line can can cause a system to backup. This problem can cause water damage to floors and walls. If you are handy, simply pouring a cup of bleach down the line will break up the contaminants and allow the water to flow out of your system. If the lines are completely blocked, they may require the service of a professional who has the equipment to clear the line.

Keeping your air conditioner running properly requires regular routing maintenance. Overlooking the simplest things like air filters can lead to far greater problems over time. Be sure and keep your ac running efficiently by being proactive and not neglecting your AC.

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