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Air Duct Testing & Cleaning

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Improve Air Quality

Air ducts that are made of metal attract dirt, dust, dander, pet hair and other debris. This material tends to stick to the inside of the ducts even when your AC is not running. These particles and pollutants that make their way into the system often get trapped there, and the buildup continues until the air in your home becomes compromised. The best way to remove these contaminants is through professional cleaning by an air ducts specialist. A clear air duct system can help you reduce costs and improve the air you and your family breathe.

Improve AC Efficiency

When ducts are really dirty, they can create severe blockages that inhibit airflow, which makes your entire air conditioning system work harder to keep your home cool. This can result in higher utility bills and increase the risk of premature wear on your entire AC system and related components. A complete cleaning will help improve overall airflow, which results in keeping your system running efficiently.

Preventative Maintenance

During hot summer months AC systems tend to work their hardest. When a leak occurs, as much as 30% of its energy is wasted. The larger the home, the more energy is wasted resulting in much higher utility bills every month. In most cases, homeowner are usually not aware of this issue until they encounter a major problem. By having your system checked for leaks and other related problems, you can prevent major issues from happening that may save your existing system and help improve its efficiency. A simple call can get a professional to your home to evaluate your system and make sure it is operating at the

Why Call Us?

The weather in South Florida is usually warm year-round which requires homes to have an efficient AC system working. As the summer approaches, the demand on an AC system increases substantially. Many homes use their air conditioning systems everyday which results in greater wear and tear on the system. Without proper care and routine maintenance, an air conditioner can reduce efficiency and eventually stop working. We suggest scheduling an annual inspection with one of our service team members who can inspect your unit and keep it running efficiently.


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