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Duct Cleaning Miami: Keeping Your HVAC System Clean

For most Miami homeowners and business owners, duct cleaning isn’t a high priority. However, in some instances, an air-duct cleaning company can significantly improve your home’s air quality. If you suspect you need a duct-cleaning service, contact Get Mo Cool. We clean not only your ductwork but also your HVAC system components, boosting air quality and making your HVAC system more efficient.

HVAC Air Duct Cleaning: Watch Out for Scams

Many so-called duct-cleaning services offer to clean your home’s ductwork for a ridiculously low price. They come into your home and give your ducts a cursory vacuuming before trying to talk you into a higher-cost package. As a result, duct cleaning has been wrongly associated with scams designed to scare homeowners. However, we believe that duct cleaning is a legitimate part of maintaining an efficient HVAC system, and we offer this service to our customers.

High-quality Miami air-duct cleaning involves more than just vacuuming your vents. Qualified technicians use specialized equipment, including vacuums, brushes, and blowers, to thoroughly clean your intake, supply, and return ducts. They also clean your HVAC system components, including the grills, motors, housings, fans, registers, and air handler.

When Duct Cleaning Is a Good Idea

For most home and business owners, duct cleaning isn’t a regular part of home maintenance. However, if any of these scenarios apply to you, a thorough duct cleaning could be good for your home or business:

  • Unexplained allergies. If someone in your building is suffering from unexplained allergy attacks, and you’ve removed all allergens from your building without alleviating the symptoms, consider cleaning your ducts and HVAC system.
  • Mold. If you’ve discovered a mold problem within your walls, clean your ductwork in addition to replacing the drywall, insulation, and other contaminated components. Keep in mind that duct cleaning won’t work unless you eliminate the cause of the mold. When cleaning your ducts, your technicians should remove and replace any moldy insulation around your ductwork.
  • Visible contaminants. Some homeowners can see contaminants like pet hair or other debris blowing out through their vents. They also smell mysterious odors whenever the AC or heater kicks on. In those cases, a thorough HVAC air-duct cleaning could eliminate contaminants.
  • Infestation. If raccoons or other unwelcome critters have invaded your ductwork, call an animal removal service first, and then schedule service.
  • Recent remodeling. Most remodelers seal your ductwork when they do major renovations. However, if your ductwork wasn’t sealed, especially if you had a major asbestos or lead abatement, hire a duct-cleaning service.

At Get Mo Cool, we believe that honesty and integrity are the keys to building long-lasting relationships with our customers. We’ll be honest about whether your home needs this service, and we’ll never pull a bait and switch. Instead, our technicians will provide an upfront cost estimate so that you’ll know what to expect before we start. After we’re done with the HVAC air-duct cleaning work, you’ll have the opportunity to inspect your ductwork before we bill you for the job.

If You Need New Ductwork

Most types of ductwork can be cleaned with the proper equipment, so be skeptical if a contractor tells you that you need to replace your ductwork. Many disreputable service providers claim to find mold to frighten you into ductwork replacement. Before agreeing to major ductwork replacement, press some adhesive tape against the so-called mold and send it to a lab for analysis. Many types of debris within ductwork can look like mold but don’t actually pose a danger.

In a few instances, certain types of ductwork, such as plastic flex ductwork, can become so contaminated by mold that you’ll have to replace it. In most cases, this isn’t just a ductwork problem; it’s part of a much larger mold contamination. We can work with your abatement contractor to either clean or replace moldy ductwork. You’ll always get an honest appraisal and an honest price when you work with Get Mo Cool.

Next Steps

If you think your home or business could benefit from a duct cleaning, schedule an inspection with one of our technicians today. We’ll take a look at your ductwork and your HVAC components to let you know whether duct-cleaning service would benefit your home or business. Call us or fill out our contact form to schedule your Miami air-duct cleaning today.

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