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AC Repair in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach — Keeping You Cool When Your AC Goes Down

From April to October, the average high in Miami doesn’t drop below 90 degrees. Without air conditioning, buildings aren’t comfortable or safe places to live and work. When your air conditioner goes out, you need fast, reliable air conditioning repair to help your home or business beat the heat. Get Mo Cool stands ready to deliver the air conditioning repair South Florida’s residents and business owners need.

Miami AC Repair: Common Problems That We Fix

Although our technicians see many kinds of AC problems, here are the ones that we most commonly fix:

  • Refrigerant levels. Sometimes, an installer fails to charge refrigerant to the right level when installing an AC system, or an installer fills the unit with too much or too little refrigerant. At other times, leaks cause an air conditioner to be low on refrigerant. Our technicians will bring your refrigerant to the specifications recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Electrical problems. Corrosion of wires and terminals, along with worn-out controllers and blowers, can cause electrical problems for your AC. Our techs can fix these problems and set up regular service calls so that minor electrical issues get fixed before your AC breaks down.
  • Drainage issues. Clogged condensate drains can cause problems for AC systems. We can fix clogged drains and help you maintain them to keep your AC running.
  • Sensor placement. A misplaced sensor could cause your AC system to improperly measure air temperature. We’ll fix or replace sensors that aren’t functioning normally.
  • Maintenance mishaps. If you don’t schedule regular AC service and replace your filters periodically, airflow problems in your AC system could cause your fans and compressors to fail. We’ll replace worn-out parts and help you set up a schedule for servicing your system.
  • Poor airflow in ducts. Sometimes, the ducts for your heating and cooling system can get clogged and filled with debris. Our technicians can clean and seal your ducts to improve airflow in your AC system.

AC Repair Miami: Answering Your Call

When you call Get Mo Cool, we think you deserve fast service to get your air conditioner up and running. You also deserve to work with experienced technicians who can diagnose problems, fix them quickly, and put a stop to other AC system problems before they become future repairs.

Unexpected AC repair can get expensive quickly. Some South Florida AC repair services aren’t upfront with you about how much their air conditioner repair service will cost. At Get Mo Cool, we think you deserve to know how much repairs will cost before the technician gets started. Before your technician starts working, you’ll receive a written estimate that includes both parts and labor costs.

At Get Mo Cool, we’re more than just a South Florida air conditioner repair business. We’re homeowners and business owners, just like you. We understand what it’s like to juggle household and business budgets. That’s why, in addition to providing upfront estimates, we also charge flat-rate prices for all of our customers. Our technicians don’t charge by the hour, so they have an incentive to complete work quickly and efficiently.

When It’s Time for a New System

Sometimes, an air conditioner gets so worn out that no repair company can extend the life of your system. If it’s time to update and install a new air conditioner, Get Mo Cool can recommend an energy-efficient solution. We represent the best manufacturers in the industry, including:

  • York
  • Trane
  • Rheem
  • Lennox
  • Goodman
  • Carrier

An oversized system sometimes turns on and off too frequently, causing unnecessary wear to the compressor and fan controls. An undersized system won’t adequately cool your building, and constant overwork of the system will cause it to wear out prematurely. When we prepare a free estimate for installing a new system, we’ll take size and capacity into consideration. We offer flexible financing starting as low as $39 per month for qualified borrowers to make it easy and affordable to get the right-sized system for your building.

Make the Call

Get Mo Cool takes care of South Florida residents and business owners. We can also replace worn-out systems and schedule periodic maintenance to keep things up and running. Call us or fill out our contact form to schedule your repair call. Our quick, honest, and experienced technicians are ready to fix your AC.

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1674 Meridian Ave. Suite 320
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(305) 912-COOL (2665)

License # CAC1818497

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